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Copy Excel 2003 Data into PowerPoint 2003 December 15, 2009

Posted by computertrainer in Excel Tips, PowerPoint Tips.
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In my opinion, PowerPoint 2003 Tables are horrible to work with.  Often I will copy data from Excel directly to PowerPoint to avoid working with the Table.  Or I will use Excel in PowerPoint to create the data … it is so easy to format and do formulas in Excel versus the dreaded Table.

 Last week, on the fly, I added this to a PowerPoint class and promised all the attendees that they could find the instructions here in my blog.  So for them and everyone else who reads this …

  1.  Open the PowerPoint presentation and add a new slide with Title Only layout.
  2. Open the Excel file that has the data you want to include.
  3. Select and copy the Excel data.
  4. Go to the PowerPoint slide.
  5. Click Edit on the Menu and select Paste Special.
  6. Select Paste then Microsoft Office Excel Worksheet Object if you want to make changes, including formatting, in Excel.  With this option, when you double-click the object, you will open Excel but any changes made will be only made in the PowerPoint slide and not in the original workbook.
  7. Select Paste Link then Microsoft Office Excel Worksheet Object if you changes made in the original file to change in the PowerPoint slide.  With this option, when you double-click on the object, you will open the original Excel workbook.  Any changes made are changed in the original file and are displayed in the PowerPoint slide.
  8. Click OK and you are done.
  9. The object may be smaller than you want.  Double-click the object and Excel opens.
  10. Change the size of the font to 24 to 32 then size the columns to fit.
  11. Make any other formatting changes then click outside the object and your work is done.
  12. Now you can move the object so it is centered on the slide.  Do this by clicking on the object – getting the 4-headed arrow – and drag to the position.

 I hope this helps.


1. avibenita - August 8, 2012

Consider experimenting wit EzPaste (www.ezpaste.net), the ultimate tool for automating the pasting from Excel to PowerPoint, Word, HTML and PDF

computertrainer - December 30, 2012

Thank you for the suggestion.

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